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We take into consideration the design concepts of color, texture, form, shapes, and patterns when deciding what plants to carry for your selection. From understated elegance, to formal structure, to the lovely natural chaos of a cottage garden; we strive to offer just what you need to create your outdoor living space. We offer a wide variety of:

  • Perennials
  • Annuals
  • Proven Winners
  • Gilberties Herbs
  • Steppables
  • Roses - Jackson & Perkins, Weeks
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • Climbers
  • Succulents
  • House Plants
  • Indoor & Outdoor Gardening Supplies
  • Organic Gardening Supplies
  • Wide Selection of Veggie Plants
  • Organic Soils & Fertilizers


Plants that come back year after year

We offer a huge variety of Perennials. The perennials we offer are in 1 QT, 1 Gal, 2 Gal, and 3 Gal containers. Each year we evaluate which ones performed well and look for new and exciting varieties to offer to our customers. We use Riverbend Nursery as our source for perennials that we buy in. We feel that because they specialize in growing perennials, they can offer us the best. Perennials have become so important to most gardeners because most will bloom for years if properly planted, fertilized, and maintained. Planting once and enjoying flowers for years is especially enticing to our customers. Many will visit often to add to their perennial collection that ranges from Daylilies, Peonies, Butterfly Bushes, Echinacea, Verbena, and the list goes on and on.

Annuals - Plants that live one year - We offer a huge selection of annuals that are used primarily for seasonal color.  They can be used in container combinations, as well as, in the landscape of your home or business. We buy in from local suppliers that take as much pride in the quality of their plants as we do.  Before accepting any shipments from other growers, incoming plants are inspected for pests and diseases.  We refuse anything that could be questionable. We are constantly seeking our new varieties that are exciting, and better performers to add to our menu.

Proven Winners – “A Better Garden Starts With A Better Plant”.  Our Proven Winner selection is among one of the biggest in the area.  So what makes Proven Winners better than other plants?   For 15 years, Horticulturalists have bred these plants for disease resistance and outstanding garden performance. Once they hold up to the test, they are branded as Proven Winners.

Gilberties Herbs – Gilberties is the largest herb grower and supplier in the country. The 85 year old company gives our customers good reason to drive for miles. You can smell and taste the difference. Each herb is tagged with a handy tag for your garden and on the back of the tags are uses for each herb. Herbs are an exciting addition to any garden, be it a large garden on your deck, or Container herb gardens. The wide range of uses for herbs in food recipes, soaps, lotions, bath oils, sachets, or just to have around to be arouse the senses, are a welcome addition and one that everyone enjoys.

Herbs -"Steppables–Good For The Sole"
Stepables are easy to grow, durable, creeping perennials that are easy to maintain, reduce weeds, solve problem areas in the landscape, and hold up to foot traffic. Each one has a distinct foot shaped tag with photo and plant care tips. They are great for pathways, ponds, containers, herb gardens, around mailboxes, garbage can areas and more. We offer a wide selection of Steppables to choose from.

- We receive around 1000 roses to offer to our customers around Mother's Day.

Grown by Buds & Blooms Nursery in Brown Summit, NC, all stock is guaranteed to be healthy and true to name and color upon purchase.

Patented Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Florinbundas, Climbers, Shrubs, Miniatures, Ground Covers that are grade one grown in 3 gallon containers.

Knockouts, Jackson & Perkins, Star, and Weeks are among some of the roses we have available for gifts or for your own garden.


Trees & Shrubs - We buy in top quality trees and shrubs from local nurseries. Our signage is informative so that you will be able to shop and make an informative decision on what you will need. Our staff is also available to answer questions. The key ingredient to having a beautiful landscape is PLANNING!!! Before you begin to shop for trees and shrubs, it is a great idea to have dimensions of the area you wish to plant. Know how large of specimens you will be looking for, know if there are windows to obstruct or structures to consider, whether you want evergreen (stay green all year) or deciduous (lose leaves) specimens. Check out other landscapes you admire. Take photos. Look through magazines. Considering these things will make your tree and shrubbery shopping go alot smoother. We look forward to helping you.

– Climbing plants that may be trained to grow on a structure

From several varieties of Clematis, to Wisteria and Mandevillas...at Midtown Garden Market you're sure to find something beautiful to climb your arbor.

Succulents & House Plants – We offer an exciting array of succulents and house plants! Choose your favorites to create a beautiful dish garden or your own succulent garden. We offer many container gardens ready to go! What a great gift idea for someone special or yourself!

We have it all! – You will find everything that you need for your gardening at Midtown Garden Market!

Midtown Garden Market
339 Wilkesboro Avenue
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
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Garden Supplies – We offer a large selection of chemicals to help ease your gardening cares. From environmentally friendly to the stronger stuff. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to advise you with problems you may have and suggest solutions to those problems. If deer, moles, or pets are a nuisance in your garden, then we have the products for you. Also fertilizers, tools, tomato cages, gardening hats, gloves, and much more!

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